The Feminine's Journey: A Call to Surrender

Much has been written on the Hero's Journey, the Call to Adventure, but there is another path that is rarely discussed and often devalued...


And that is what I call the "Feminine's Journey." This Call to Surrender, for both men and women alike, is a time of incubation and cocooning. We are asked to wait, not do, not know. Lost, stuck, uncertain and surrounded by impossible situations, we are not meant to solve anything, but rather be still, listen inwardly and honor the quiet growing of the soul. 


And because of the subtle, mysterious and often isolating nature of this path, it can be important to have a companion to support the cocooning, to help transform the inner and outer voices that say hurry up, and to help bring forth what is wanting to be born. Together, we will listen to and decipher psyche's messages and follow the breadcrumbs and tasks asked of you, so you may eventually return to the outer world more whole, more yourself, and with your unique gifts illuminated.

For an in depth exploration of the Feminine's Journey, as different from the Hero's Journey: