A life truly lived constantly burns away veils of illusion,

burns away what is no longer relevant,

gradually reveals our essence, until, at last,

we are strong enough to stand in our naked truth.


-Marion Woodman

Individual Soul Work

Online or In-Person Sessions

This collaborative depth work allows us to listen closely to your inner-most self and engage meaningfully and compassionately with the inner and outer experiences of your life, so that we might see what wants to be born in you and gently help it along. 


We will put our ears to your soul, and tune into and explore your dreams, difficulties, feelings, intuitions, and more to hear what in you is needing your care and attention, and to follow psyche's breadcrumbs, uncovering, step by step, your truest self and path. 


This process can support you in:​ 

  • Working through conditioning and unconscious patterns to reveal your most authentic self and access your deep knowing, wisdom and creativity.

  • Recovering your worth in "being" vs doing, and living a slower and more restful, balanced, meaningful and soul-centered life.

  • Finding transformation and wisdom in your struggles and uncertainties, and navigating your transitions and dark nights with care.

  • Accepting and having compassion for yourself and your life, and showing up for yourself through it all.

  • Discovering and carrying out your unique gifts - gifts the world is in desperate need of.

  • Cultivating more depth, intimacy and connectedness in your relationships and friendships. ​

  • Reconnecting to the sacred and wild, and reclaiming a more natural, enchanted way of living, in tune with your soul's own rhythm and magic.​​




My role here could be likened to the "anam cara" of old. Originating in Irish monasticism, the term was first applied to a monk's teacher, spiritual guide or companion. It means, literally, "soul friend." Other ways to describe my role are mentor, soul guide or midwife of the soul. It is an intuitive and soul-centered space and relationship that we step into. There is always much to uncover about ourselves, lost parts of ourselves to reunite with, as well as dreams to decipher, calls to heed, experiences to find meaning in, limiting beliefs to let go of, blind-spots we may miss on our own - I act as a guide or mentor, helping you uncover, dig deep, explore and shine a soft light on what is wanting to be seen.


And unlike traditional therapy or coaching, where often fixing, solving or treatment is the aim, this work is instead about following, step by the step, your unique soul’s signposts home, wherever that may lead. My role is not to tell you where to go or exactly how to get there - no one else can know that. Instead, my role is to help you listen to what is being asked of you and help you explore, translate and work through whatever comes up. Ultimately, this work helps to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your own soul and your own way.

Sessions can take place anywhere in the world through Zoom or phone, or in my office in Santa Barbara, California. Sessions are typically 50 minutes once weekly. Most clients prefer to work long-term, allowing for a regular, intentional and continually deepening place to rest into, to listen to soul, to return to themselves, and to have another set of eyes on their soul, their dreams, their life. That said, other clients can get a lot out of short-term work.

I also work with therapists, coaches and other healing practitioners, who are wanting to learn the language of psyche and the unconscious, or dive into depth psychology, and deepen their work with their clients. 


50 minute sessions are 150 - 190 USD depending on ability to pay. If you have questions or would like to set up a free 20 minute consultation, you can contact me here. I'd love to hear from you.


My Background:

My work is Depth & Jungian in nature, although I pull from many other traditions as well. I earned a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Holistic Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth & Jungian Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. Among my mentors have been Thomas Elsner, Ph.D, Jungian Psychoanalyst, professor and author, and Dr. Meredith Sabini, Psychologist, author, and founder of the Dream Institute of Northern California.


Note: While in the past I did work as a Marriage & Family Therapist Associate and have extensive training and experience using many psychological as well as relational and psycho-spiritual modalities, I no longer practice as a psychotherapist. This means I do not treat or diagnose mental or emotional disorders or maladjustment.