Midwives of the Soul is made up of two dear friends, Rachel Alana and Leyla Aylin, both of whom, through much pain and suffering, health crises, long dark night's of the soul, plenty of impossible situations and intense struggles, as well as their own desire to touch the bottom of their experience, feel now called to help bring nourishment and guidance to others who are courageously finding their way.

Midwives started as a Facebook Page in October 2018, as a place of support for others who are following their star, staying close to soul no matter how difficult or painful, and attempting to embrace their holy, humble and messy humanity. Both Leyla and Rachel write for the page, as well as post inspiring, challenging and deepening wisdom from others. And per the requests of many, Midwives is excited to be starting a private online support forum in the coming future, a supportive community of like-minded people to assist you on your way. (More info here.) 

Our mission at Midwives is to help birth soul in the individual and the culture, knowing that changing one changes the other. 


We are dedicated to unifying those seemingly irreconcilable opposites of our time that show up as sometimes violent conflict all around us and within us: The shadow and the light, the masculine and the feminine, the yin and yang, the within and without. To find ways to unify and balance more common transcendent spirituality with grounded soulfulness. To bring slowness and surrender to our driven, fast-paced culture and hungry spiritual seeking. To value the natural wisdom of experience and being, along with intellect and knowledge.

This fast-growing community brings together heart-wisdom and inspiration from every corner of the globe. A universal dialect that has the power to do great things, for the individual and the collective. 

For some of Leyla's writing, check out her blog.

To read some of Rachel's wise and beautiful writings, check out her collection of work here.