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Navigating the Dark: Letting Soul Lead 
An Intimate Online Group 

This small 4-7 person group will connect around being with uncertainty and darkness. Together we will sit still in the unknown, and navigate the bardo - the Buddhist word for the place between death and rebirth. The place where there is only darkness, where the old ways have ceased to be, but the new ways have not yet been formed. Where potential lies in wait.

We will soften into the mystery, listen to psyche and allow one's inner self to lead the way.

Although our path is ours alone, we are not often meant to go it alone.

Belonging and feelings of interconnection are primal, deep needs and root us in the here and now. Being with kindred spirits as we
 traverse the terrain of the soul can be life-giving. It can offer us support, community, grounding and a contained, safe space to grow and discover our own wisdom and way.

I hope you will join us as we walk the way of mystery.

More Information Coming Soon

Contact me here for more info. 
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