Relationships: Intimacy & Wholeness

Whether in a serious relationship, single or recently broken up, love has a way of continually demanding our realness, and in turn making us more real. Love wants to cut through our masks and defenses and bring forth the truth of who we are. It brings up our wounds so we may heal them, and our potential so we may fulfill it.


Real love requires our utter vulnerability, with both self and other. And while this is something we long for, we are often also unconsciously afraid of and defended against it.  I can help you uncover and work with the dynamics, patterns, conflicts and issues that arise in or out of relationship, so that you might be rewarded with transformation, profound intimacy and real love...with another, as well as with yourself.


I can also help you learn to tune into the relationship itself as the Third Thing, with its own unique destiny and needs to listen for and follow...

Examples of my writing & work on relationships (more coming soon):