One-on-One Monthly Mentorship

With individual sessions and e-mail support, this monthly mentorship program allows us to create a deepening and intentional container around your life, where we can listen closely to what your inner-most self is asking of you and put our hands gently on what in you is wanting to be born.


My role here could be likened to the "anam cara" of old. Originating in Irish monasticism, the term was first applied to a monk's teacher, spiritual guide or companion. It means, literally, "soul friend."


This one-on-one work can lead to…​

  • Exploring the language of the psyche and the unconscious and diving into such things as dreams, struggles, archetypes, synchronicities, emotions and conflicts, to hear what is asking for your attention and care.

  • Surrendering and releasing the grip of the ego and culture, to allow for your unique self and path to unfold.

  • Navigating and finding wisdom in uncertainty, difficulty and dark nights.

  • Discerning between the different voices and parts in you, so you can care for yourself and be true to the deepest of these needs.

  • A space where your innermost self, or your grief or struggle or story, is held, seen and honored.

  • Reclaiming a more natural and authentic way of living that is in tune with your soul’s own rhythm and pace.

  • Reconnecting to a sense of the sacred and the wild.

  • Nurturing your creativity, following your call and discovering how you can be of service to the world.​​


This inner-work/mentorship entails: 

  • 2 x 60 minute individual Skype or in-person sessions a month, every other week

  • Email support and holding support. In-between sessions we can exchange about dreams you've had, experiences you'd like feedback on, etc.

  • Investment: $450 for each four-week period.

  • This can be long-term or short term work, or as needed, renewing as often as you'd like. You can also transition to weekly or every other week Zoom sessions as well. (More on that way of working here)

  • There is a free initial 20 minute phone consultation for any questions you might have.


During this process, you're encouraged to pay attention to your dreams, one of the most potent ways soul speaks to us. (If you don't recall your dreams, that's not a problem - psyche speaks in many other ways, and sometimes the dreams come when the work begins.) And although not required, in order to create a deepening space for yourself, it can help to spend a little time, even just 30 minutes each week, tending to soul in some capacity: spending time in nature, free association journaling, active imagination, etc.


"Inner Work" by Robert Johnson is a short and accessible read to learn more about dream work and other forms of inner work.


If this sounds like something you might be interested in or if you have questions, I'd love to hear from you. You can message me here.

Looking for more regular Zoom or in-person sessions?
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