Hidden in your dreams and depths, your struggles and emotions, your inner and outer conflicts, relationships, longings and more, are messages from psyche. Full of guidance and wisdom, these experiences can be your soul's signposts home, leading you back

to your truest self...

​if you engage with them meaningfully.
I help individuals do just this.
My role can be likened to a midwife of the soul, 

helping you birth more and more of yourself, 

helping you follow your soul's unique path,

and helping you listen to and decipher psyche's messages 

so you can more fully hear 

and then more fully answer, 

the call that is your life. 

A deepening & illuminating process to support you on your path. Individual

Zoom or In-Person Sessions.

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"Leyla is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the field! 

Her tap-root into the archetypal Feminine is visionary, and her connection to Eros gives her a capacity for relatedness that allows her to see others in great depth."


 Thomas Elsner, Ph.D Jungian Analyst & Author 

 "...like Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Carl Jung had a child…"
 Ana Dabas, Psychologist
"Leyla is always magnificent in the understanding and depiction of the Woman!”
Mirella J.