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Living Deeply:

A Highly Sensitive Person's Group


Those who identify as highly sensitive often live, feel and think deeply. They commonly have rich inner worlds, dream vividly and are attuned to the world and others in powerful ways. And with these unique gifts, come unique struggles.


This superpower of deeply processing and being tuned in, can also be exhausting and overwhelming, and work against us at times. Especially in a world that is loud, overstimulating and so fast paced. Especially when we haven't been taught how to live and relate to others in ways that take into account this finely tuned nervous system of ours.


And because the culture at large struggles to see, and instead often devalues the gifts of the HSP - many HSPs are left feeling unseen and without a sense of belonging. But the gifts of the HSP are needed in the world.


If you identify as a highly sensitive person and are looking for support, connection, belonging and a place to have your gifts and struggles seen and held, please contact me here for more information, and to stay updated.


More coming soon ~ Dates/Times TBD


For further information on the Highly Sensitive Person:

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