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We Are Being Made More Human

Suffering brings us to our knees pulls us down into the dirt, into the earth, into the ground of our being Low, lower still into the fertile depths, where our humanness is born -- human, coming from the root humus coming from the word soil: We are the People of the Soil. And what is soil, but a decomposition of what has gone before has already lived with the potential of what is to come invisibly, patiently waiting. It *hum*bles us to be there in that dark and damp knowing, in the source of where we first came and will return. Centuries we’ve spent trying to rise out of this dirt Felt our humanness “dirty” as if dirty is such a bad thing as if the earth is such an awful thing to be covered with. It’s easy to empathize though with why this was, this desire to transcend, anyone who has suffered would know why: It hurts, sometimes unbearably so, to be human. Yet, if we sink low enough in our pain and sorrow and grief we can lay an ear to the earth we can hear all the lives within and upon it we can hear the dead, too our ancestors who understand now intimately, better than we living ever could, the cycle of life and death, in all its pain and all its peace. With our ear to the ground we can hear the tree roots twisting and tangling together each distinct, but also one. We can hear the whispers of the mycelial network, sharing stories, sharing wisdom. With our ear to the ground, we can hear the earth’s secret songs, that only those that fall so low can hear, the most ancient lullabies songs we didn’t know we always knew. There in the dirt, watered by tears dark with our suffering, if nothing else, and sometimes there is nothing else, we can be made more human. - Leyla Aylin / Midwives of the Soul

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