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Reclaiming Soul
A small every-other-week Zoom group that explores and connects around soulful topics.

There are few spaces in our society that teach and encourage us to connect with our soulful inner selves.


Perhaps even fewer that foster soulful connection with others.


This group is a remedy for that.

Set up like a workshop and a group, the first part of each biweekly group I will share and speak to an essential aspect of living from soul.


The second half of the group, members will be free to share their own experiences, struggles, revelations and celebrations around each theme; 

as well as ask questions, explore, dig deep, and foster belonging and connection.

Topics of the biweekly groups will be: 

1) The Language of the Soul: Messages All Around & Within

2) Surrender: Neither Pushing, Nor Passivity 

3) Uncertainty & Humility: Becoming More Real

4) The Soul's Pace vs. The Ego's Pace

5) Unifying Opposites: The Holy Grail

6) Belonging, Relationship & Being Seen: A Necessity of the Soul

7) Transitions & The Underworld: Soul's Opening

8) Joy, Play, Sensuality, Earth: Grounded In A Soulful Body

white pillar candles on brown wooden tab

  • This group will help you:

  • Connect, share, and explore soul in personal and meaningful ways, with others striving to live soul-centered lives.

  • Learn, and live aligned with, the way of the soul.

  • Be inspired and encouraged as you follow the sometimes difficult path of the soul.

  • Ask questions, dig deeply into important topics, to have your heart and mind opened, to look at things from the soul’s perspective and learn its unique language.

  •  Do the hard work of becoming who you truly are, and return home to yourself, again and again, even when distractions pull you away.

To live a soulful life is an act of courage, love and even rebellion, in a culture that devalues such things. And it is not just an act of love for yourself, it is an act of love for the world, too.

Details ~

This is a 4 month group, with 8 sessions total. 

The cost of each 2 hour group is 68 USD, with a total of 544 for the entire 4 month group. This total will reserve your spot.

Date of group: TBD

If you are interested in this group, please contact me here:

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