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When There's Nothing Left To Hold Onto... Hold On

When there is no cure yet to be found, no solution in sight, no help coming over the horizon,

when there are no techniques, no teachings, no rulebooks to guide you,

when the comforts of false hope and guarantees are gone, along with any promise that you’ll make it to the other side,

when healing or transcendence or miracles have not come and the only way out is through the flames, the smoke, the rising water, the heartache, the despair,

when there is nothing left to hold onto…

hold on.

Although no one may applaud you or call you heroic or see what heart, what soul, what bravery it takes,

although there are no books to read on "The Power of Hanging In There" and really no advice on how to do it (just that still small voice within)

although you won’t see it romanticized or spiritualized or as a goal on any vision board probably anywhere,

although you may be filled with hopelessness and grief and fear, and only barely able to keep on,

don’t be fooled

sometimes the soul’s most vital, most courageous, most sacred, and most difficult task is to just

hold on.

- Leyla Aylin

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Art by Christian Schloe:

Art by Christian Schloe


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